Project Overview

Water Wall - Church Health Center

The Hope and Healing Center’s waterfall sculpture was designed by Zoe Ayn Strecker. The work, titled Water Wall, was fabricated using ceramic and water and spans a thirty foot wall, reaching from ceiling to floor. The sculpture incorperates the artist's love for wildlife and the environment with art to create a scene of hope and new life. 

About the Artist

Zoey Ayn Strecker

Zoé Strecker is a sculptor and writer who lives in Kentucky  Zoé’s undergraduate degree was in English literature from Grinnell College in Iowa.  She received her master’s degree in sculpture from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University and is a current art and environment instructor at Transylvania University. 

Since 1990, Zoé has been creating site-specific sculptures for public places such as museums, schools, and libraries in Kentucky, Alaska, Colorado, and Tennessee.  She also makes smaller scale works for public and private exhibition and collection.  Zoé is a past recipient of the Kentucky Foundation for Women Artists Enrichment Grant and the Al Smith Fellowship from the Kentucky Arts Council, and has been a visiting instructor of art at Centre College in Danville, KY.

 Zoé, also a freelance author, has written a popular best-seller titled, Off the Beaten Path in Kentucky, which describes hidden attractions and unique locales in the state that other guidebooks don’t often include. She completed her first public art commission in the City of Memphis in 2000 at the Hope and Healing Center.