project overview

The storytelling room 

The children’s storytelling room at the Benjmain L. Hooks Library is designed to feel like you are entering a happy, welcoming painting. A place that is joyful, safe, protected, and special. Houses are commonly associated with security and warmth, and are easily recognized by all ages as a happy symbol. The presence of plants and trees add beauty and a sense of well-being and growth. Throughout this room, the choice of color became an integral part of creating an exuberant, playful atmosphere into which children could escape, to a world of imagination and learned experience. 


About the Artist

Iris Harkavy 

After 14 years as a social worker, Iris decided during the 1980’s to attend the Memphis College of Art, from which she received a degree in art. Her three-dimensional work is always bright and cheerful, and influenced by her career in social work, always tells a human story focusing on the family. She incorporates color and whimsy into her work and uses humor to deal with serious issues. Iris has recently developed new media which allows her to install sculpture outdoors in the elements.