Project Overview

Madison Avenue Trolley - Orleans Station

This work [recognizes] some of Memphis’ great artists and musicians.

Artists Jeanne Seagle and Lea Holland produced the mosaic columns, and Cythia Metcalf with Helen Baber fabricated the floor tiles to create this work recognizing some of Memphis' great artists and musicians for the Trolley stop at Orleans. Among the music legends depicted are Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Sam Phillips, and Johnny Cash. Visual art luminaries from Memphis shown are painters Dorothy Sturm, Burton Callicot, and Florence McIntyre, and sculptor Ted Rust.


About the Artist

Jeanne Seagle and Lea Holland / Cindy Metcalf and Helene Baber

These local artists are all experts in their field and represent some of the best mosaic production talent in the Mid-South region. To learn more of each of their individual work, please visit:

Jeanne Seagle

Lea Holland

Cindy Metcalf

Helene Baber