Project Overview

Road to Success - Betehl Labelle Community center

The Road to Success mural was designed and installed by local artist, Jamond Bullock through the first iteration of the District Mural Training Program. Bullock describes the mural as: "...a focus of many symbols that represent Bethel Labelle and the Orange Mound Community.

The first object that the viewer may see is the large basketball that symbolizes the sun in the sky of the picture. The foreground of the design one might notice the two basketball players in mid-air about to slam dunk sporting orange mound basketball attire. The next scene in the center of the design is a father and his two sons standing on a winding road reading a book. The book in the picture symbolizes a gateway into education. The road is a symbol that reflects the journey of finding success with an education. Further down the road near the halfway mark is a silhouette of a group of people holding hands, which illustrates unity and people coming together to better the future of our youth. In the Background of the picture there are orange trees that represent the Orange Mound Community that Bethel Labelle is located in. The oranges personify the people that are actually fruit for the community that help the neighborhood grow and thrive."

Learn more about the artist in the video below, featuring this project!


About the Artist

Jamond Bullock

Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Bullock received a BA in Fine Art from LeMoyne-Owen College in 2008. Primarily working in acrylic, Bullock style is colorful, loose and expressive. His purpose in life is to create and spread artistic vision through out the world. He is also a performance painter for special events under the name Alive Paint.