project overview

The Ballers: District 7 Mural - Gooch Park

The District 7 mural at Gooch Park, The Ballers, was designed and installed by local artist Sowgand Sheikholeslami. Sheikholeslami is one of ten artists who participated in the inaugural District Mural Program. The concept for the mural came from the activities and sense of community that happens in the park. Through design and art, she hopes to communicate a sense of vibrancy, excitement, energy, and movement in fluid simple forms and lines using primary colors which will symbolize a sense of inclusivity in a diverse community.


about the artist

Sowgand Sheikholeslami

Born and raised in Iran, Sheikholeslami graduated from Tehran University with BA in Fine arts and Graphic Design, later moving to Memphis in 1986. She has served as Art Director of a publishing agency and as Director of Communication and Publication of an international denominational organization for over 24 years. On her philosophy, she says, "Creativity is the foundation on which my life is built. It helps me to have a fresh approach in my personal and professional life. Art is my way of communicating with the world".