Project Overview

Mighty Mustangs - East High School

Located in the entrance plaza to East High School, George Shroeder created two sculptures referencing the mascot of the high school, the Mustangs. Their placement in front of the school entrance creates a natural gathering and seating area for students. Shroeder collaborated with East High School students to identify words that they felt represented their pride in the school community, ultimately selecting Academics, Arts and Athletics. 

About the Artist

George Shroeder

George Schroeder began his development as an artist early on. Being the grandson of professional artists, he was exposed to various disciplines of art. Also important was being introduced to the medium of steel while working in a machine shop during the summers of his teenage years. In 1989, after receiving his BBA from the University of North Texas, Schroeder worked in the manufacturing industry, managing various production operations. However, at night he was able to borrow the company metal shop facility to create his metal sculptures. Schroeder learned many of his techniques from lifelong metalworkers, blacksmiths and welders that were intrigued and willing in sharing their knowledge.

In 1992, Schroeder opened his studio in the old machine shop that he worked in as a teenager. For the next several years, he continued his outside studies in painting, drawing, and large scale metal fabrication design; while also maintaining his studio and receiving various private and public commissions. A major expansion of the studio occurred in 1999, a 6,000 square foot addition provided an overhead crane and the needed space to produce large scale sculptures.

Schroeder's work is known for its physicality, rawness and remarkable elegance. The artist's primary interests are to create abstract sculptures that evoke tension within form: for the sculptures to ultimately change the space into a definitive visual experience.