Project Overview

Downtown Elementary School

[The tile floor] was inspired by the work of 35 students who explored the theme “Working in Downtown Memphis.”

Downtown Elementary School’s tile floor of the entrance rotunda was completed in 2003. Lurlynn Franklin’s design features individuals dressed to represent a variety of jobs and careers, and was inspired by the work of 35 students who explored the theme “Working in Downtown Memphis” during a January art workshop and trolley tour. Franklin is a local artist and elementary school art teacher.



About the Artist

Lurlynn Franklin

Lurlynn Franklin is a local artist, writer, and elementary school art teacher with Memphis City Schools. She was born and raised in Memphis. Lurlynn's work is organic by nature - on several levels. Choosing to blend her writings with her paintings, she begins each piece by choosing the title, and letting the work evolve from there. Often her paintings are accompanied by short stories, combining the two mediums seamlessly together. Lurlynn also chooses to work with many non-traditional materials, using rolls of fabric, wallpaper, or even bits of clothing.

Lurlynn has participated in solo and group shows all over the country. In Memphis, her series Cross Words / Quick Chick Fixe$ and Fabled Truths: Self-portraits & Works in Progress both opened at the Beverly and Sam Ross Gallery at Christian Brothers University. Her work has received many recognitions and awards from various groups including The Bodine Company and the Tennessee Arts Commission. In 2000, Lurlynn was chosen to paint the Memphis in May Festival Poster.

A recipient of an MFA in Painting from Memphis College of Art, Lurlynn Franklin is currently an Exploratory Art Teacher/Phonic Interventionalist with the Achievement School District in Memphis and is compiling a new series of works.