Project Overview

Broad Avenue Mural

French artist Guillaume Alby (aka REMED) visited Memphis for 2 weeks in May of 2011 to paint this incredible mural on the warehouse at 2542 Broad Avenue owned by Loeb Properties. The project started with a chance encounter in Miami several months earlier when Bob Loeb was attending an exhibition of Alby's work where a large mural by him had recently been painted in front of the gallery. Loeb was taken with the vibrant colors and dynamic shapes and introduced himself to the artist with the prospect of coming to Memphis to create a mural on the Broad Avenue warehouse.

The project started with a chance encounter in Miami several months earlier.

UrbanArt acted as cultural ambassador, introducing Guillaume to Memphis and many of its artists and cultural arbiters during his stay. Our own mural maestro, Siphne Sylve, assisted Guillaume throughout, and the UrbanArt office across the street from the mural served as Guillaume's supply depot and base camp.



About the Artist

Guillaume Alby "REMED"

Guillaume Alby is an artist world renowned for his murals in cities such as Warsaw, London, Paris, Madrid, and Sao Paolo. The mural in Memphis marks his 4th in the United States after New York, Miami, and Atlanta. Influenced in equal measures by classical 20th century artists such as Modigliani and Léger, as by the Moroccan art of Zellige, (a form of highly decorative enameled terra cotta), Remed’s work has a unique, immediately recognizable quality in both its micro and macro manifestations. Working at the conjunction of mathematics and calligraphy, seeking a harmonic purity combined with the flow, the energy of the line, Remed seeks to find truth through simplicity, to find a universal language of form and colour.

The artist says, "I make rhymes with colors, shapes and sounds to express emotion, feeling, or the evolution of thought. I paint as you write a diary, a notebook of inventions, or philosophical essay.
Art is for me the sincere blend of science and Soul.
I live what I feel, I paint what I live.”