Project Overview

Together - Planned Parenthood at Midtown

About this project, artist Siphne Sylve states, "The purpose of this piece was to express a sense of warmth, comfort, and support. I feel these characteristics are strong aspects of Planned Parenthood (PPH) and the services they provide."

In an effort to visually depict these characteristics the artist chose the representation of hands, which she observed to be a common tool to express comfort and support. She found that actions including hugs or a gentle pat on the back can provide comfort in difficult situations. Similarly, a hug can also provide a sense of support, particularly in the context of holding or cradling someone.

Actions including hugs or a gentle pat on the back can provide comfort in difficult situations.

"The horseshoe shape was chosen to show support, specifically in how this pattern supports the the structure of the composition. The hands here are used as an abstraction of hugging, to provide a comforting feeling. I chose a sun representation to help depict a sense of warmth. The orange and red that was chosen will also help to provide a sense of warmth. The blue was added to balance the two warm colors so it doesn’t seem too warm. The rounded/curved shapes were to also add a sense of comfort. Typically, rounded shapes are seen as being comforting shapes as oppose to more square, sharp edged shapes."


About the Artist

Siphne Sylve

Siphne Sylve is originally from New Orleans, but has called Memphis home since her student days at Memphis College of Art where she completed a BFA in Illustration. In addition to previously coordinating UrbanArt's mural productions she is a member of a local hip hop music group called Artistik Approach.

The installation of Siphne's original design would not be possible without the help of volunteers who believe the murals make Memphis a better place to live. Thank you to Alexis Krauss, Jeanyne Lewis, and Johnathan Payne!