project overview

Servicemaster 2017: Khara woods mural  

The UAC joined Servicemaster on WeCareDay to create another collaborative community mural. Local artist Khara Woods designed this year’s mural, which is located on Vance Ave. It consists of bright colors and bold, graphic shapes, which form an abstract city skyline.


about the artist

Khara Woods  

Woods is a freelance graphic designer born and bred in Memphis, TN. She graduated in 2003 from The University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism. She decided to move west to Anaheim, CA, shortly after, where she studied graphic design at Westwood College. In 2005, Woods earned an Associate of Science in graphic design and multimedia. After two years in California, the artist returned home to Memphis, which she says is “one of the coolest, culturally-rich cities I know!”

The city’s mosaic of art, music, and recently its signage from yesteryear, provide a steady stream of inspiration for Woods. She has worked for several local companies and individuals like: Collage dance Collective, Broad Avenue Arts District, ArtsMemphis and folk artist NJ Woods, to name a few. In her free time, she combs the city searching for and documenting signage and eclectic examples of found typography.