project overview

Discover Binghampton: Wings     

The Discover Binghampton Project was created in partnership with the Binghampton Development Corperation in the hopes of adding to the local identity of the neighborhood. Each of the four stations artistically reflect a different story of the Binghampton Community. 

I use wings as a symbol of freedom. The civil rights movement created wings for today and tomorrow’s generations to soar, unbound by unfair laws.
— Pete Beeman

In this second installation, artist Pete Beeman chose the narrative Leading the Way for Civil Rights – Binghampton Civic League to honor the heroes who helped integrate public institutions in the city like the Memphis Zoo, the Mid-South Fairgrounds, and the Brooks Museum of Art.

The wings are the simplest of all the sculptures, yet the interaction is the most elegant. The wings are an abstract stainless steel sketch of wings stretching 10 feet in the air. They rise from a concrete base allowing visitors to climb up and stand in front of the wings, making it appear as though the wings are their own. 


about the artist 

Pete Beeman

Pete Beeman is an artist working mostly in large scale sculpture. Much of his work moves, and much is interactive. His business and studio are based in Portland, OR, though he spend extended periods in New York City. Beeman is married to Page Fortna and they have two excellent daughters, Rosie and Linden.