project overview

Discover Binghampton: P-House     

The Discover Binghampton Project was created in partnership with the Binghampton Development Corperation in the hopes of addind to the local identity of the neighborhood. Each of the four stations artistically reflect a different story of the Binghampton Community. 

In this first installment, artist Pete Beeman chose the narrative The Beginning – William H Bingham to honor the area's founder. Drawing inspiration from the area’s iconic “P”, Beeman created a "house" which includes numerous symbols of the community like the tulip poplar tree leaf, representing the environment, stick-figures, representing the community, and saw blades, suggesting Binghampton's working class, specifically the lumber industry, forming the letter "P".

The artist stated,  "In the history of Binghampton, the P - pronounced or not, spelled with or without - is fascinating. It is a symbol of how people make a neighborhood. Legislated accidentally at one point, then re-legislated to the original spelling, yet always pronounced with the P. But legislation aside, the neighborhood makes its own decision about how it is spelled and spoken. It is a great symbol of resident’s role in giving a neighborhood its soul. I felt it was important to focus on the P in the sculpture." 

The corner seats on a set of bearings, so that as passing pedestrians push the sculpture, the cube rotates around. Watch it in action below!


about the artist 

Pete Beeman

Pete Beeman is an artist working mostly in large scale sculpture. Much of his work moves, and much is interactive. His business and studio are based in Portland, OR, though he spend extended periods in New York City. Beeman is married to Page Fortnaand they have two excellent daughters, Rosie and Linden.