Project Overview

Trees - Links at White Haven

Carroll Todd’s work remains elegant and minimal, yet touched with a little whimsy.

The design of local artist Carroll Todd's powder-coated steel sculpture at the Links at Whitehaven public golf course was inspired by the hue and shape of magnolia leaves. The undulating leaves of Todd's sculpture provide a shaded place for golfers to rest while out on the course.


About the Artist

Carroll Todd

Carroll Todd has exhibited nationally since the early 1980's. The sculptor presents bronze or steel works that belie their material. Malleable sheets of bronze are the material of choice for Todd. Beginning with a sketch, then a small study, or maquette, to discern the exact bending of the metal. When his studies are complete, Todd moves to larger tools. He first cuts out the bronze, then rolls it to give it a smoother finish. The sheets are then bent into shapes and seamlessly welded together. Finally, he tones the sculpture with a broad range of patinas. This labor-intensive process allows Todd a large amount of control and the room to express his subtle humor and dedication to form.

Todd's ouevre shares characteristics of both abstract and figurative elements, similar to the early 20th century work of Constantin Brancusi. The artist explains, “…he offered a representational image even as he abstracted it.” Another important influence is the minimalist sculptor Donald Judd, for whom Todd served as apprentice. Todd appreciates the clean and simple design non-traditional materials can lend to a work of art. In this way, Carroll Todd’s work remains elegant and minimal, yet touched with a little whimsy.

In addition to the City of Memphis Public Art Collection, Todd's work in public collections include The Arkansas Arts Center, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, Little Rock Airport, Rockefeller Center, and Museum of Contemporary Art-Amsterdam. He is a graduate of Memphis College of Art, and holds an MFA from Cornell University. Carroll Todd is represented by David Lusk Gallery of Memphis.