project overview

Time and Place     

In his original proposal, artist Jim Wallace stated, "Public sculpture, by default, becomes a marker.  It is often a designated meeting place or the referenced site of an event. Many times, it was because of an event, the marker (sculpture) is placed in a specific location."

Time and Place is the marker for the Wolf River Bluffs, a planned development with unique visions for both the occupants and the environment. It is the benchmark, depicting the latitude, longitude and elevation above sea level of its specific site. It also serves as a sundial, to mark the passing of time.    

The materials the artist has chosen are designed to weather over time, to evoke how everything evolves throughout the years. 


about the artist 

Jim Wallace

Jim Wallace is the former executive director of the Metal Museum. He has completed a series of public art projects in Memphis, including the Martin Luther King, Jr. Gates for the Links at Riverside Drive. The artist lives in Jonesboro, Arkansas.