Project Overview

The D6 Gateway sculpture is one of seven public art installations within the Percent-for-Art program’s Gateway series. In 2013 the artist partnered with Playback Memphis and The Works Inc. to conduct a community workshop. During the session residents shared stories about their experiences living in South Memphis. Playback Memphis then created short theatrical interpretations of these stories during the workshop.

This sculpture represents all the possibilities of new life for South Memphis.

The artists used these stories to create an inspirational sculpture that speaks to hope the for the neighborhood’s future and the neighborhood’s great pride in South Memphis’ rich history. “Spiral Rising” is a kinetic, stainless steel installation located at South Side Park. As the spiral rotates, the form appears to be constantly rising. The spiral is both beautiful and constant. Spirals occur everywhere in the universe, from the formation of galaxies to the growth of plants, and may be found in countless ties in the human body.

This sculpture represents all the possibilities of new life for South Memphis. The overall height of the sculpture in 28 feet, wrapping the surface of the base is a map of South Memphis. The rising spiral is 17.5 feet high and 16 feet wide. It is constructed of stainless steel tubing, both strong and maintenance free. The base and the rising spiral combine to create an artwork that has both roots in the history with South Memphis and one that is looking forward to a future of growth and innovation.


About the Artist


Yvonne began her career by assisting other artists on public projects around Memphis, but soon began applying for her own grants, which resulted in some of her first commissions as lead artist. Early public art projects include the Raymond Skinner Center and Peabody Park, followed by The Cancer Survivor Park, Brewster Elementary, LeBonheur Children’s Hospital and others. 

Yvonne’s art focuses on the interaction between invention and nature. Her wind activated art captures the playful character of the wind, and creates a constantly changing experience for the viewer. Although metal is her primary medium, mixed media is her true love, combining glass, Yvonne Bobo steel, wood, and fabrics. She is designer, engineer and fabricator.

The artist’s formal education consists of a B.A. in Art History from Boston University, but even more telling in her work is the extensive travel and apprenticeships in various craftsman trades, learning ancient methods of carving, cabinetry and water-gilding in locales as exotic as Syria, the Azores or Vienna.

In her most recent work, Yvonne has really captured her personality and varied skill set. "Gyroscopic", "Mobius", "Spiral Rising", "Murmuration", "Rhapsody", and "Kaleidoscope" are grand endeavors with dynamic, sometimes unconventional and hard to grasp designs. Mixing elements of texture, movement, patina, with thoughtful colors, shapes, materials makes each commission a personal, unique display. She now has sculptures nationally, with installations in Cleveland,  Boston, and Knoxville with future sites from California to Florida.