Project Overview

Riverwood Elementary Murals - Riverwood Elementary School

Mark & Megan Davey created an interactive tree exhibit with murals and a large integrative sculpture at Riverwood Elementary. 


About the Artists

Mark and Megan Davey

To us life is about the journey, and in our opinion, ‘Why not make it brighter?’
— Mark and Megan Davey

Mark & Megan Davey have been working together for many years creating art projects large & small. We are a family team, this year incorporating our oldest son, Grant, in the construction of an interactive tree exhibit at Riverwood Elementary.

Mark has been creating art for over 30 years, and Megan has been at his side assisting in the creation process. Our love of art, our love for people, and our love for creating unique art is apparent in all we do. From private oil paintings, to large scale indoor and outdoor murals, to sculptures, Mark creates art that is inspiring and uplifting.