Project Overview

Whitehaven Community Center Mural - District Mural Program

Artist: Carl Scott

Most recent benchmark/update: Final design approval.

Upcoming benchmark/update: Paint Day-Saturday August 3, 2019, 11-3 p.m.; DMP Gallery Show at UAC 6 pm. 

Project Description

UAC and the City of Memphis launched the second iteration of the District Mural Training Program in 2017 to provide mural training and professional development to seven Memphis-based artists, culminating in each artist creating their own $30,000 mural project in each of the seven Council districts. Training to support neighborhood engagement in the public art process, mural design and installation techniques was provided in partnership with MuralArts Philadelphia in Memphis and Philadelphia following artist selection in May 2018. Each artist was paired with a site across the city including Bickford Community Center, Whitehaven Community Center, May Soccer Complex, Orange Mound Community Center, Mitchell Community Center, Raleigh Town Center, and Marion Hale Community Center.

About the Artist

photograph by Ebony Archie

photograph by Ebony Archie

Carl Scott, Forest City, Arkansas, Carl always knew he would be a painter, from the moment his art teachers encouraged him in Middle School to become an artist, he pressed forward and is now a well established painter in Memphis.

Scott mentioned that he always grew up around art. His friends, his mom, his mentors were all artists who inspired his own artistic trajectory, and so it made sense that this would be his life.

We talked for a while about some of his favorite paintings and Carl actually stopped by our office well after the group interview to continue our initial conversation. Lately, he’s been inspired by a series of paintings of children’s faces from various ethnicities. The process of observing different people, researching all of the hues and tones that make up humanity has been greatly rewarding for him lately and has allowed him to combine his love of painting and people in one.