Khara Woods is a Memphis-based graphic designer whose work will be featured at the upcoming MEMFix event at Film Row on Saturday, September 24th from 11-5. Attend the event to take a stroll down Khara's crosswalks!

About Khara:

Khara Logo.jpg

"I work as a freelance graphic designer designing logos and developing brands for a variety of clients. This year, for the first time ever, I rented a studio in the historic Edge district in downtown Memphis. I’m experimenting with paint and lettering. I have a keen interest in public art and I’d like to apply what I’m learning to projects that transform and reactivate spaces around my city to make living here, a little cooler."

Khara's Design:

File Sep 22, 07 05 06.jpeg

"Inspired by the history of Film Row, I searched for iconic symbols and images associated with the film industry. I collected a bank of images like SMPTE color bars, clapperboards, film reel tins, which I felt would be easiest to translate into a design for a crosswalk. I was drawn to the simple geometric shapes found in these images. I chose bright shades of blue, orange and pink as my main colors. The recognizable shapes, patterns and bright colors should make the set of 5 crosswalks I've designed, the most fun and 'walkable' crosswalks in Film Row."