project overview

Rendezvous Arc - Zodiac Park

Memphis-based artist Suzy Hendrix created a beautiful gateway at the entrance of Zodiac Park, referencing the park's name throughout the project with mosaic zodiac symbols and constellations cast in glass in the canopy. The specific constellations in the canopy of the gateway represent the zodiac signs for Sagittarius, Virgo and Scorpio which are more visible than other constellations in the sky above Memphis. When she proposed this project, Hendrix was particularly interested in the park as a place of gathering, hence the name Rendezvous. 

The artist also hosted a mosaic workshop with residents of the surrounding neighborhood to demonstrate her process. Residents were invited to create their own small mosaic piece to then take home with them. 


about the artist

Suzy Hendrix

Suzy Hendrix is often inspired by her travel. She toured Europe, Japan, North Africa, and parts of United States extensively as a saxophonist for an avant garde performance art troupe, Urban Sax.  This travel allowed her to perform in many great architectural wonders of the world; Mont St Michel, Al Haramba, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral of New York. Her love of glass can be traced to a specific moment in time; the Chartes Cathedral of France, where she hung from the bell tower during a performance. Her love of mosaic: perhaps Barcelona, and the great muse that is Prague inspires a love of decorative arts. Her style fluctuates across centuries of muses. Currently based in Memphis, Hendrix believes in the healing power of art to bring people together at a fundamental level. She believes that art is for everyone and that everyone can be, in their own way, an artist.