Project Overview

Welcome to Westwood - Along Raines Road

The artist incorporated the community feedback into her design.

On Tuesday, July 20, representatives of the Westwood Neighborhood Association met with artist Christine Conley and the UrbanArt Commission staff regarding the public art project in that community. The project is the fabrication of an original mural on the retaining wall on Raines Road near Weaver Street. The wall was created by the Shelby County Administration and the UrbanArt Commission is facilitating the public art component on behalf of the administration.

The artist, Christine Conley, created an original design featuring Memphis iconography and presented her concept to the county. She later met with members of the community to request their input for images that would specifically represent their neighborhood – its landmarks and history. The artist incorporated the community feedback into her design and presented the new artwork to members of the community and to the Public Art Oversight Committee. Upon completion the work will become property of the City of Memphis, and therefore maintenance of the retaining wall and the artwork become the responsibility of the City. Within the City of Memphis Public Art Plan, public art enhancements can be considered in the conservation and maintenance plan if the PAOC votes to accept the artwork within the city’s public art inventory.


About the Artist

Christine Conley

Christine Conley is a painter and mixed media artist who has exhibited extensively and whose work is represented by the Jay Etkin Gallery. She brings great knowledge of working with community and with youth as her background includes work as a teaching artist in the Center for Arts Education Summer Institute of the Greater Memphis Arts Council; and previous public art commissions include serving as lead artist and project manager for a mural project at Farmington Road Elementary School. In addition to working as an artist, Conley was also a visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Mississippi and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Memphis. She is now a part-time art professor at the University of Ottawa