project overview

Helping Hands     

Peggy Van Buren designed four enhancements for the Airways Station, Southeast Police Precinct, using the theme "Helping Hands" in an exploration of the connection between the police and the community they serve. Three large paintings and a tile mosaic "welcome mat" enhance the Police Precinct's main entryway and the station. In her mosaic, officers and citizens hold hands, intertwined in a circle of trust. Rusty Taylor was the architect of the new building, dedicated in 2007.

This project was facilitated by the UrbanArt Commission for the City of Memphis Public Art Program.


about the artist 

Peggy Van Buren

Van Buren is a local Memphis Artist from Kinston, North Carolina. She received her Bachelor's of Fine Arts from the University of Memphis and is the president of her own marketing and graphics company, ArtsVanburen.