project overview


Artist James Russell fabricated this 18-foot sculpture titled Zephyr, located on Mud Island at the Auction Street Traffic Circle. The work is named for the Greek god of the West wind, Zephyrus, believed to bring about a wind of good fortune. Russell was inspired by the landscape around the site, and the breeze that came off the Mississippi River. The resulting sculpture is a sleek and fluid tower of polished stainless steel, which mirrors the surrounding foliage, combining the industial with the natural landscape.  


About the Artist

James Russell 

My mission is to create art that touches the lives of millions everyday.
— James T. Russell

James T. Russell's four-decade career has been marked by consistent professional successes with Public Art Programs and private commissions. His immense body of work is the scion of his pursuit of excellence as a monumental sculptor. His work is represented in over thirty corporate and private collections including: Piedmont Center in Atlanta, GA, Capitol One Financial in McLean, VA, Browning Automotive, Cerritos, CA, and Four Seasons Hotels Chicago and Hong Kong. His sleek and polished metal sculptures combine strength with fluid movement, usually deriving inspiration from nature and the industrial. 

Russell received his B.A. and M.F.A. in Monumental Sculpture from California State University at Long Beach.