project overview

Raleigh Springs Town Center Sculpture Project

Artist: Yvonne Bobo

Total budget: $62,000 (includes honoraria for three artists to develop site-specific proposals)

Most recent benchmark/update: Schematic design approved by ASC and PAOC. Bobo is currently conducting engagement efforts in the Raleigh neighborhood. A workshop at the Raleigh library (3157 Powers Road) on Wednesday July 24th, 1-4:30 p.m. All are welcome to attend. If you are not able to attend please consider responding to this questionnaire to help Bobo create a sculpture that truly reflects Raleigh.

Upcoming benchmark/update: Final design

Next Artist Selection Committee (ASC) meeting: TBD

project description


I envision a series of sculptures that create interest and lead the visitors through the Raleigh Town Center Development. As I considered Raleigh natural springs and the healing waters that attracted visitors historically, I was inspired to build sculptures of water. I imagine large scale sculptures with a combination of reflective stainless steel and dichroic glass droplets that create a shimmering surface inspired by water. Undulating sculptures leap up over the path washing the visitors and area with beautiful colored shadows inviting the viewer to interact with the sculptures.

The stainless steel surfaces absorb the colors of the sky and landscape and reflect the faces of the visitors to the Raleigh Town Center, changing with each day. Dichroic glass is a material that can be seen in public art projects around the country, valued for its unique quality of changing color spectrum affected by perspective and light conditions and its durability. The unexpected projection of colored lights and reflections wash the walkway and visitors recalling the magical play of reflections on water.


UAC is partnering with the City of Memphis to produce a series of sculptures that encourages use of the walking trail and skate park. The selection committee expresses an interest in a public art piece that will: 

  • Encourage a sense of play and exploration of the outdoor amenities at the Town Center

  • Reflect the history of the Raleigh natural springs

  • Provide a gathering space for visitors to the Town Center

  • Be durable, resistant to vandalism

selection committee

Faye Morrison – Raleigh Community Council; Jeannette Ruleman – Raleigh Community Council; Daphney Johnson – City of Memphis Library Division; Col. Samuel Hines – Memphis Police Department; Patricia Daigle – Art Historian, University of Memphis; Juan Rojo – Artist; Tom Marshall – OT Marshall Architects; Elizabeth Thompson-Bringle - City of Memphis Engineering Division (non-voting)

Next committee meeting date: TBD pending schematic design materials