Project Overview

Memphis Animal Services Mural Project

Artist: Charlie Forrester

Total Budget: $13,500 (includes honoraria for three artists to develop site-specific proposals)

Most recent benchmark/update: Charlie Forrester was selected by the selection committee and approved by Public Art Oversight Committee to lead this project in March 2019.

Upcoming benchmark/update: Forrester will be refining his proposal concept with feedback from the committees to submit with schematic design documents in May 2019.

Next committee meeting date: TBD

Project Description

UAC is partnering with the City of Memphis to produce a mural that positively impacts the visitor experience at the Memphis Animal Services facility. The selection committee expresses an interest in a public art piece that will:

  • Create a welcoming, playful and positive entry to the MAS facility

  • Include the animals that are sheltered and cared for at MAS

  • Connect the services provided by MAS to the broader Memphis community

 The project is funded through City of Memphis’ percent-for-art program in partnership with UAC to create public art projects across Memphis neighborhoods.

selection committee

Alexis Pugh - Memphis Animal Services; Katie Pemberton - Memphis Animal Services; Sylvia Cox – Memphis Animal Services volunteer; Ranise Coppens – Alive Animal Rescue; Tracy Taylor - Memphis Animal Services; Meredith Olinger – Artist; Siphne Sylve - Artist; Elizabeth Thompson-Bringle - City of Memphis Engineering Division (non-voting)