Project Overview

Heritage Landing

Most recent benchmark: All documents submitted, install complete. Thank you Douglas.

Upcoming benchmark: A celebration for the installation, Summer 2019.


Artist Statement

Douglas Kornfield

The fourteen foot stainless steel figures express joy, ecstasy, elation, triumph and euphoria. The figures

express these emotions without reference to race, religion, or politics. They are titled, as a group:

Rhapsody! The word rhapsody is defined in the dictionary as an ecstatic expression of feeling or

enthusiasm. The figures are recognizable and understandable to all ages. They are sure to become a local landmark

and an expression of community solidarity.

The stainless steel sculptures will require no maintenance and are virtually indestructible. They are

constructed of 6" x 6" stainless steel tube; a material commonly used in highway bridge construction.

Nothing short of heavy machinery can damage them.