Project Overview

Family Trees - University Place

Developed through the City of Memphis 'Percent for Art' program for the newly constructed housing complex at University Place, Tim Upham's Family Trees represents the residents' desire to honor the connections that many longstanding community members feel for their neighborhood. Achieving an elegant symmetry in form and providing a dynamic dose of color to the landscape overall, this project has quickly become a source of pride. Upham worked with local artist Yvonne Bobo to install the final pieces for what is now a landmark of the area.


About the Artist

Tim Upham

If you are lucky enough to hear Tim talk about his art, you leave the presentation energized and smiling - with a brighter, slightly altered way of looking at things.
— Roger Clark, member of the Loveland Visual Arts Commission

I was making dioramas by the age of five, but it’s funny... 50 years later I am still making dioramas, but instead of colored paper, rounded scissors and white paste that you could eat, now it’s backhoes, tractor trailers and eighty-ton cranes. The best part is... it’s still a whole lot of fun to create the magic!

Tim Upham lives in Fort Collins, Colorado and works in collaboration with his brother Rick.  Together they create unique, site-specific public art for locations around the world.