Project Overview

Cossitt Library Sculpture Project

Most recent benchmark/update: rhiza A + D submitted schematic design documents in March 2019 and received approval from both the Artist Selection Committee and Public Art Oversight Committee.

Upcoming benchmark/update: Artists, Peter and Ean are visiting Memphis Thursday, 8/22- Sunday, 8/25th. There will be an artist talk on Thursday, 6:30 p.m. at 409 S. Main (Puck Food Hall) where Cossitt is temporarily located until renovations are complete. The artists are confident this visit will better inform their final design.

Next Artist Selection Committee Meeting: TBD

Project Description

Rhiza a+d’s design for Cossitt Library invokes the history of the library being a meeting place and learning space. It also directly speaks to the Memphis narrative and creatively incorporates the scope of work outlined by the Artist Selection Committee:

  • Be interactive and engage visitors and encourage the use of the library’s extensive and expanded services

  • Be durable and able to sustain interactive use

  • Consider the mid-century architecture and history of the library community

The proposed design is pop-up book that includes some text offered by the community and residents in and around Downtown Memphis. It also features a large scale mockingbird, the state of Tennessee official bird and possibly some musical references from the abundant offerings by past and present artists.