Project Overview

Cordova Library Sculpture Project

Budget: $100,000 (includes honoraria for selected artists to develop site-specific proposals)

Most recent benchmark/update: 3 artists-Tyler French of Youngblood Studio, Laurie Brown of Washington Glass Studio and Michael Warrick-have been selected by the artist selection committee (ASC) to submit proposals.

Upcoming benchmark/update: Artists are working on their proposals and will be presenting to the ASC at the next meeting.

Next Selection Committee Meeting: June 18 at 1 pm.

Project Description

UrbanArt Commission is partnering with the City of Memphis to produce a large sculpture that attracts and engages Memphians, residents of Cordova and all visitors to the library. The selection committee expresses interest in a sculpture project that is attention-grabbing, reminds people of the importance of the library and ignites interest in Cordova Library’s various programs, resources and services. The goal of the project is to create a public art piece(s) that:

  • Creates an inviting atmosphere for library visitors

  • Draws attention to entrance of the library

  • Appeals to all ages/engages users of the library

  • References nature

  • Inspires imagination

  • Connects the services of MPLIC to support the lives of the Memphis citizens

  • Speaks to the values of MPLIC which are welcoming, helpful, fresh, fun, and transformative

The commissioned artist/s will be selected based on the strength of their qualifications submitted, ability to adhere to deadlines, and work within the stated budget. Applicants are expected to have or collaborate/subcontract with appropriate vendors to meet the necessary technical capabilities to design and install such projects, including providing maintenance instructions. The finished project must require little to no regular maintenance. Final artwork should complement the characteristics and neighborhood identity of the site. The artist/s selected shall be expected to collaborate closely with site engineers, landscape architects, and any necessary party for the successful installation of the project, including the community. NOTE: Commissioned artists are permitted to work with outside contractors to fabricate the actual work of art.