project overview

Charjean Park

Students from Airways Middle School gained attention in 2013 by partnering with the Memphis Urban League to lobby for renovations to the nearby Charjean Park. The group, calling themselves the Undisputed NULITES, began by applying for a grant to resurface the basketball court in the park, ultimately succeeding in the City of Memphis allocating significant renovations to Charjean Park through the Capital Improvement Budget. As part of the development, UAC in partnership with the City of Memphis allocated a public art project to accompany the new and improved space. 

Colorado-based artist Abby Silver won the commission and collaborated with the Undisputed NULITES on the project. Uplifting quotations and words are incorporated in the design of a central gateway welcoming visitors into the park, referencing the inspiring work and potential of the students in 2013. The NULITES also helped Silver to create the mosaic seating found throughout the park. 


about the artist & students

Abby Silver

Abby Silver enjoys merging her ideas with those of her clients to express a unique vision and style. She has been a full-time ceramicist since 1994, beginning with a successful line of hand-built production pottery. Silver became inspired to explore architectural ceramics when she and her husband were building their home in 2002. Since then, she has worked on numerous projects in collaboration with homeowners, designers, architects, and construction professionals.

Undisputed NULITES

Timothy Baldwin, Ciara Bankhead, Chelsea Benson, Alexus Brock, Mercedes Brock, Alicia Brown, DeAndre Brown, Lakiesha Carruth, Cierra Coleman, Michael Coleman, Dominique Covington, Gregory Crawford, Naomi Crawford, Mario Echols, Angela Fason, Vamisha Fly, Kei'Neisha Freeman, Terrence Gilkey, Darius Hankins, Rudi Renita, Marvin Killebrew, Ke'airren Mull, Carlois Payne, Courdney Perry, Brenton Price, Timothy Rankins, Shanterrica Richardson, Gerald Robertson, Bobby Sellers, Lasharee Shakelford, Cory Taylor, Darrius Taylor, Rodrika Taylor, Sherman Terry, Alonzo Thompson, Adrian Tidwell, Brenda Totton, Daphne Tumage, Arthur Wallace, and Shapira Williams.