Project Overview

An Afternoon in Uptown -- Roxie's Grocery

An Afternoon in Uptown Memphis is designed by 18 year resident and Uptown native, Carl Scott. Carl chose a few local landmark to illustrate Uptown’s progress of old and new neighborhood establishments. The sites include: The new homes in Uptown, Cozy Corner Restaurant, Brian’s Grocery, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Neighborhood Christian Center, Humes Middle School, Roxie`s Grocery, Historic Street Lights, Memphis Trolley and Uptown street sign.


About the Artist

Carl Scott

Art, for me, has alway been a passion. As I grew up,I continually challenged myself by working with different mediums. I decided early in life to devote myself full-time to the love of art. The viewer is drawn into my work by constantly discovering new details and aspects with every glance. Almost simultaneously, my work evokes feelings of familiarity and emotional connection.